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I took this photo of Webster’s Falls when I went hiking on a trail in Hamilton. It’s always great to get away from the city and explore what nature has to offer.This was my first… Continue reading

Simply Italy

I absolutely love travelling and next week I’m going to Italy for two weeks! I’m so excited to experience their culture, eat their delicious food, and gaze at their beautiful scenery. This is my first time… Continue reading

Beauty in Gibraltar

I took this photo during my tour of Spain which included the British overseas territory of Gibraltar. In this photo, we were on our way up to see the famous monkeys.  The view was absolutely breathtaking. This… Continue reading

Hola, España

Spain is beautiful. I took this photo from the coach to capture some of the views we had driving. It’s amazing how the scenery changes within each region.

Fountain Couple

I took this photo in Barcelona, Spain. I was interested by the fountain and the couple in the background.

Kayaking in Paradise

  I took this photo when I was in San Sebastián, Spain. It’s so beautiful there and it feels like paradise. I definitely want to go back for longer visit.

Serene Sunset

I took this photo when I was in Ibiza, Spain. I love sunsets because they are beautiful, peaceful and calming.

Scenic Toledo

I took this photo when I was on a bridge in Toledo, Spain. It’s a pretty city and I was quite charmed by it.

Driving in Spain

I took this photo when we were driving between cities in Spain. The view is beautiful and there is so much to look at.

Magnificent Mountains

I took this photograph in Spain near Madrid. The scenery is absolutely beautiful.