I took this photo because I was interested by the icy snow that was dangling from a tree branch.  I took this photo after a snowstorm in February. Advertisements

Sunset’s Glow

I took this photo at sunset. The light hitting the plant was golden and created an ethereal vibe.  


I kept a slight blur on when I took this photo and I also converted the photo into black & white. I feel like it adds a bit a mystery to this shot.


The way the light was hitting the branches was quite pure magic.


I was drawn to the eerie mood.


The leaf bud looks like model strutting down the runway.

Autumn Leaf in Winter

I was drawn to the contrast between two different seasons.

Snowy Branch

Blurred Beauty

I kept the blur on this shot to make the mood a bit more whimsical and abstract.


I was interested by the water droplet clinging to the tree branch. It sort of reminded me of a crystal ball.