Fresh Snow

As much as we all complain about winter, there is a magic/beauty to seeing freshly blanketed snow.  

Cold Leaf

I was interested by the vibrant colour of the leaf contrasted against the starkness of the snow.


Freshly fallen snow can look quite magical.


I was interested by the delicate flower covered in ice and surrounded by snow. The scene was very ethereal, almost otherworldly.


I took this photo after a fresh snowfall.

Icy Leaf

I was interested by the contrast of a healthy looking leaf with ice on it. It shows just how much nature can handle.


I was interested by the ice frozen to the leaf. Nature is an amazing subject to shoot. It’s beautiful to see how the plants are affected by the different seasons.


I was testing out different ISO settings on my camera when I went for a walk one day. I originally took this photo because I thought that the flower was beautiful and ethereal. Now I’m… Continue reading


I kept a slight blur on my camera when I took this photo. It kind of reminds of an inkblot that is used in the Rorschach test.  


Sometimes, nature is so beautiful that you forget that it is real. I took this photograph near dusk. The way the light is hitting the flowers adds a bit magic to this shot.