I was drawn to the flower fluff on the branch because it looked like it was dancing.


I took this photo because I was interested by the curves of the branches.  They look a bit tangled and almost like they are reaching out from the light.

Delicate Silhouette

When I saw this flower tilting it reminded of the quote following quote: “The green reed which bends in the wind is stronger than the mighty oak which breaks in a storm.” Confucius

High Five

The branches remind me of a hand that is extended up in the air for a high five.


There is something really special about capturing a photograph of a silhouette as the sun sets. The light is quite ethereal and has a bit of magic to it. I feel like so many… Continue reading

Red-Brown Leaf

I took this photo on Christmas Day 2015. I was drawn to the reddish brown colour of the leaves.


I intentionally kept this shot slightly out of focus. I feel like that blur adds to the mystical/ethereal mood in this photo. The trees almost look like dancing ghosts.

Flower at Dusk

I took this photo during the golden hour. The soft light adds an ethereal feeling to the mood in this shot.


I was interested by the plant’s silhouette created by the back light. I think that when you leave some details to the imagination, it adds a bit of mystery to the shot.


I was testing out settings on my camera when I took this photo. It actually turned out a bit different than I thought it would. I kind of like how some parts of… Continue reading