White Tree Flower

  I took this photograph in Toronto. The petals reminded me of ribbons dancing in the wind.

Man kayaking in Creek

                            I took this photograph in Noordoostpolde because it felt peaceful and serene.

Noordoostpolder Windmill

                            I was interested by the shapes of the windmill and took this photograph in Noordoostpolder.

Man crossing Street in Prague

Photograph was taken in Prague.

Reflections in Water

                            Photograph was taken at the 2014 Tulip Festival in Noordoostpolder, Holland.

View through a bike rack

I captured this photograph when I was in Prague. I was inspired by the shape of the bike rack.

Love Locks in Prague

    When I was in Prague I took photos of the love locks along the canal (Mala Strana, near the Lennon Wall). I think they are romantic because they symbolize everlasting love… Continue reading

Reflections in a Window

  When I was in Stockholm, I took some photos of reflections in store windows.  I like reflections because are interesting and a bit surreal.

Seagull in Amsterdam

When I was in Amsterdam, I took this photograph of a seagull in the canal.

Tulips, a boy and a pond

   Here are a few more photos that I took during the Tulip Festival in Noordoostpolder, Holland.