Reflections in a Window

  When I was in Stockholm, I took some photos of reflections in store windows.  I like reflections because are interesting and a bit surreal. Advertisements

Seagull in Amsterdam

When I was in Amsterdam, I took this photograph of a seagull in the canal.

Tulips, a boy and a pond

   Here are a few more photos that I took during the Tulip Festival in Noordoostpolder, Holland.  

Reflections in a Prague Puddle

      Here are some photographs that I took in Prague of the reflections in puddles. I love the surreal, dreamy effect that it creates.

Stockholm Waterfront

Here are some photographs that I took of the Stockholm Waterfront. I love when light reflects off water because it’s beautiful and a bit enchanting.

Amsterdam Waterfront

   Here are a few photos that I took on the Amsterdam Waterfront. There is something calming and serene about watching boats on the water.  

Handrail with Lights

I was inspired by the mossy wall, the shadows and the mysterious, gritty and foreboding vibe.  

After Dark in Old Town Stockholm


Old Town Stockholm at night

Birds eating bread in Stockholm

  Here are some birds that I saw eating bread in Stockholm, Sweden.