The way the light is hitting the leaf makes it look like it has an ethereal, otherworldly beauty. Advertisements

Golden Retriever


I took this photo of my friend’s dog recently. I think we can learn quite a bit from dogs. They’re generally pretty happy  and really appreciate the small things that life has to… Continue reading

Lake Garda

In 2015, I took a tour in Italy. Part of the tour included a boat ride across Lake Garda. It was amazing and a great experience. The views were absolutely beautiful. I only spent… Continue reading


I took this photo in Verona, Italy in 2015.  Verona is a really charming city  with beautiful architecture. I was interested by the old look of this staircase.

Sunset in Venice

I took this photo in 2015 when I visited Venice, Italy. No matter where you are in the world, the sun setting is always a beautiful sight to see.


I took this photo in Cuba.


I took this photo in Cuba. The colours there are so vivid and intense.

Beach Sunset

I took this photo just as the sun was setting in Cuba.

Palm Tree Silhouette

I took this photo in Cuba.