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Segovia Aqueduct


I took a photo of a branch last year and I used Photoshop to create more depthย and shadows.


I took this photo last year during a snow storm in Toronto. I was sitting my car and was interesting by the shapes.

Surreal Shadows

I was inspired by the shapes of the shadows.

Vehicle Reflections

I love photographing reflections in surfaces. I like trying to interpret the story and sorting through the surreal feeling of seeing the object and what’s being reflected in it.

Benched Shadows

I was interested by the shapes and shadows in and around the bench at a local park in Toronto.


I was interested by the fence and its view.

Silhouette of Leaves

It was a bit a murky day when I took this photo. I was interested by the silhouette of the leaves against the overcast sky.

Lonely Tree

I was interested by a tree that seemed to be alone on a long stretch of highway in Ontario.


The sun reflecting on a car headlight caught my eye.