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I took this photo at the beach in Winter. It’s amazing how lonely it looks and feels without people.


I took this photo because I was interested by the sun as it was setting. It reminded me of a golden diamond.


I took this photo in Spain. I chose not to make any adjustments in Photoshop because I felt that the tones turned out how I wanted them to. Whenever I see leaves or… Continue reading


I was interested by the tree branches silhouetted by the sky.


I was taking a photo of the sun setting through some trees. The sun reminded me of a giant fireball in the sky.


I took this photo last year when I was in Spain. I was drawn to the flower’s delicate, soft nature.


I drawn to the mood of the leaves. They felt abandoned sitting on the ground. I reduced the saturation to add to the lonely feeling in the photo.

Delicate Flower

Flowers are beautiful, yet they also exude a delicate strength. I love taking photos of flowers because of their complexity.

Awakening Flowers

I was interested by the budding flowers.


I was drawn to the vibrancy of the leaves. There is a certain energy to them making them feel more alive.