Toronto Humber Bay Park East

BW Photo of Couple walking their dog at Toronto Beach

couple walking their dog   toronto beach scamp gazing at rocks

I took my dog for a walk at the Humber Bay Park East park.  I decided to take some photos as my dog and I took advantage of the mild weather.

Some of the paths were completely iced over which made it a little difficult to walk. But I must say, I completely love this hidden gem. There is a stoney beach with swans, a habitat for butterflies, native wildflowers, a pond with fish and bike paths.

During the summer, people head to the beach to cool off and enjoy the sunshine. Many people also have a BBQ or picnic lunch. On a clear day, you can  even see the CN Tower.

If you are ever in Toronto during the Summer or early Fall, I recommend visiting Humber Bay Park East.

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