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Parks in the City

Toronto has so many parks around the city. It’s amazing to escape the busy city into the serenity of a park.

Benched Shadows

I was interested by the shapes and shadows in and around the bench at a local park in Toronto.

Man’s Best Friend

I was interested by the man walking his two dogs.

Four paths

I took this photograph during my visit in Stockholm.  I was interested by all of the green space and how the paths met.  It reminded me of the Robert Frost poem “The Road… Continue reading

Toronto Humber Bay Park East

   I took my dog for a walk at the Humber Bay Park East park.  I decided to take some photos as my dog and I took advantage of the mild weather. Some… Continue reading

The Aftermath

I took a walk in the park today to take photos.  As much as I dislike winter, I must admit that it can be quite magical.  The snow storm ended late last night,… Continue reading