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The Beauty in Nature

I took my dog for a hike on Christmas Day. I captured this shot as we were walking through the park. I think dog’s have the right idea. Always take time to stop and… Continue reading


I like blurring my photos so that they are not always so literal. I think it adds a bit of mystery and whimsy to the mood. It also allows people to look at the image… Continue reading

Palatine Hill

I took this photo at Palatine Hill in Rome, Italy. It’s amazing to see structures built so long ago still standing.

Abstract Leaf

I took this photo in Toronto, Ontario. I was drawn to the abstract quality of the leaves.

Blurred Beauty

I’ve been taking photos where the majority of the subject is out of focus. I like how the blur adds a dreamy, abstract feeling to the photo. It’s also adds a bit of mystery because it’s unexpected and… Continue reading


I took this photo when I was in Italy. I was interested by the view through the rope.

Wine Tools

When I was in Tuscany, we stopped at a winery. During the tour, I noticed some tools in a barrel that I found interesting. I love capturing the beauty of ordinary things.



The wooden seat pieces of the bench reminded me of options and choices.

Blurred Lines

I was interested by the shapes and lines under the bench. I like to take photos from different angles because it lets me see things from a new perspective.