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Golden Hour

I took this photo around the time the sun was setting. I was interested by the sun reflecting off of the water and by the shapes in the fence. I’ve been testing out different ISO’s… Continue reading

Blurred Lines

I was interested by the shapes and lines under the bench. I like to take photos from different angles because it lets me see things from a new perspective.

Confusing Beauty

I converted this photo into b&w to focus more on the shapes and outlines. I also flipped it so that the perspective was a bit different.

Shapes & Scaffolds

I took this photo in the tower at the La Sagrada Familia. I was interested by the shapes and by the scaffolding on the outside.

Parked Motorcycle

I took this photo because I was interested by shapes created by the motorcycle and by the fence.

Shapes & Shadows at a Playground

I noticed some eye-catching and unique shadows underneath a playground and was interested by the shapes that were created. I wanted to focus on the shapes and shadows and felt that the photos would work better in black &… Continue reading