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Monochrome Fence

I converted this image to black and white to focus more on the lines and shapes. I took this photo in Capri, Italy.

Building & Statue

I took this photo in Florence. I was interested by the shapes and lines created by the light and the building.


I took this photo in colour but felt that it would work better in black & white. I made some edits to this photo to make the contrast more dramatic and to place… Continue reading


I took this photo when I was in Italy. I was interested by the view through the rope.

Monochrome Bike

This is a close up of a bike’s handle. I was interested by the lines and shapes.

Blurred Shadows

A blurry photo can hold a certain magic to it. When I look at this photo I see new things each time.

Venetian Alley

I took this photo because I was interested by the empty alley, the lines and the shadows. It’s fun to take photos of old architecture and it’s amazing that it’s been around for… Continue reading

Golden Hour

I took this photo around the time the sun was setting. I was interested by the sun reflecting off of the water and by the shapes in the fence. I’ve been testing out different ISO’s… Continue reading

Stand Out

Sometimes, we just need to shine.

Shadowy Lines

I took this photo and kept it out of focus so that the it would be a bit more abstract. I like to take photos from different perspectives to try to see ordinary… Continue reading