Dreamy View

Venice is a very romantic and dreamy city. Taking a gondola ride is a fun way to experience Venice from a different perspective. It’s relaxing to sit there and take in your surroundings as the gondolier steers you through the canals. I kept the majority of the photo blurry to enhance the dreamy atmosphere. 

Venetian Blurred Sunset

I like to try different things when I take photos. Sometimes, intentionally blurring the photo can make the shot more mysterious or beautiful. I was interested by the sun setting over the dock and I wanted to see how it would like a little bit blurry.

Sitting on the Dock

I took this photo in Venice, Italy. Photos really are a visual story. It seemed like these people had a story behind why they were sitting on the dock. It could be that they were tired after a long day of walking or just really wanted to taken in the serene atmosphere.