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I was taking photos at dawn one morning and noticed the heart shaped flower.  I find it interesting when you see unexpected shapes in unexpected places.

Girl at Dusk

I took this photo because I was interested by the woman watching the sunset.  I like that you only see her silhouette as it adds more mystery to this shot.

Reflections at Dusk

I took this photo close to when the sun was setting. I was interested by the contrast of nature set against construction cranes.

Strong Rock

I was interested by the contrast of the strong shape of the rocks against the soft colours of the sun setting.


I was interested by the couple watching the sunset. It was such a romantic, peaceful setting.


I took this photo near dusk at High Park.

A Walk at Sunset

I was interested by the man walking his dog. It is such a serene and sweet moment that we often take for granted.

Fiery Sunset

I was drawn to the vibrant, fiery colours of the sunset. I took this photo with the sun behind the leaves. I think it makes the shot a bit more interesting -almost like… Continue reading

Sunset Ducks

I was interested by the peaceful atmosphere and soft colours of the sunset. The ducks seemed content to just float in the lake and simply enjoy the view.

Dreamy Sunset

I took this photo during the sunset. The light and colours are so breathtakingly beautiful.  The ducks were floating in the water and just enjoying the moment.