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Golden View

“There’s never one sunrise the same or one sunset the same.” – Carlos Santana  

Soothing Sunset

I think that one of the most special moments in life is watching the sun set while listening to the sounds of the waves rolling in.

Beach at Sunset

I love taking photos during as the sun is setting. The colours are so beautiful and have a bit dreamy feel to them.

Palm Tree Silhouette

I took this photo in Cuba.

Palm Tree

I took this photo during the sunset in Cuba. I was interested by the silhouette of the huts and palm tree.


I was interested by the golden hue and by the silhouettes of the huts.

Sunset in Cuba



I visited  Varadero, Cuba last week. I saw this couple taking a romantic stroll on the beach at sunset. It was such a serene and beautiful scene to capture.

Venetian Blurred Sunset

I like to try different things when I take photos. Sometimes, intentionally blurring the photo can make the shot more mysterious or beautiful. I was interested by the sun setting over the dock… Continue reading

Venetian Sunset

“There’s never one sunrise the same or one sunset the same”. -Carlos Santana