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Beach Views in Toronto

I took this photo as the sun was rising. I was captivated by silhouette of the trees set against the warm early morning colours.

Thirsty Duck

Took this photo in the early morning light. I felt like the image would be more interesting in black and white.


Here is a photo that I took during the early morning. I was fascinated by duck gazing out at the water in an effort to find breakfast.        

Dawn of a New Day

I took this photo at the beach in Toronto during the sunrise. It is so amazing to watch the light and colours change at the start of a new day.


I was taking photos at dawn one morning and noticed the heart shaped flower.  I find it interesting when you see unexpected shapes in unexpected places.

Mr. Toad

I saw this little guy last Summer.  He was just hanging out and kindly let me take some photos of him before he hopped away.

Mellow Ducks

I took this photo during the early morning light. I was intrigued by the ducks floating on the water.

On The Hunt

The red-winged black bird seemed to be on the hunt for some food.  I’m not sure if he actually found any.

Smokey Light

I took this photo during the early morning light. I was fascinated by the colours and by how the light was hitting the plant.

Ethereal Mornings

I am always in a state of awe when watching the sunrise. It is so amazing to see the  beautiful changing colours and soft light everywhere. You know that the sun will always… Continue reading