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Mr. Toad

I saw this little guy last Summer.  He was just hanging out and kindly let me take some photos of him before he hopped away.

Mellow Ducks

I took this photo during the early morning light. I was intrigued by the ducks floating on the water.

Sassy Attitude

I took this photo during the early morning light. I was interested by this red winged black bird. He was stalking towards me with such attitude. I only wish that one day I… Continue reading

Swan Song

Swans are such beautiful creatures. They look elegant and have such a regal attitude. I took this photograph as the sun was rising. It’s so serene and peaceful atmosphere in the morning. I… Continue reading


I took this photo of my friend’s dog during a hike last summer. He looks so serious and seems to be thinking, “Awww man, you guys! You said there’d be food!”


I took this photo of my dog when we went on a hike.  I was interested by her pensive demeanor. It appears that something seems to have caught her attention. I wish I knew what… Continue reading


I took this photo on Lake Garda, Italy.

Sad Eyes

I took this photo when I was in Capri, Italy. The dog looked so sad and it broke my heart. I just wanted to comfort him and give him a big hug. I… Continue reading

On the Prowl

I took this photo in Toronto, Ontario. I like the cat’s energy. The way she is stalking forward on a mission to be pet.

Feline Ear

I took this photo as I was crouched above the cat. It was an interesting perspective and the cat seems to be pensive.