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Ethereal Shadows

I was interested by the silhouette of the plants. The out of focus shadows add a mystical, ethereal vibe to the shot.

Shadowy Beauty

“The beauty of shadow comes from the beauty of light!” ― Mehmet Murat ildan I took this photo when the flower was dancing with the wind. It came out slightly blurry but I feel… Continue reading

Golden Retriever


I took this photo in Verona, Italy in 2015.  Verona is a really charming city  with beautiful architecture. I was interested by the old look of this staircase.


I took this photo in Cuba.


I took this photo last year in Rome, Italy. I was interested by the view through the screen.




I took this photo after a fresh snowfall.


I was interested by this branch that seemed to be a bit lonely.


I took this photograph on Christmas day 2015. It was mild out and felt almost like Spring. I feel like Spring is the most hopeful season. You know positive things are coming. It’s… Continue reading