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I converted this photo to black & white.  I wanted the focus in the photo to be on the shapes and lines.


I kept a slight blur on when I took this photo and I also converted the photo into black & white. I feel like it adds a bit a mystery to this shot.


The leaf bud looks like model strutting down the runway.


I took this photo near the end of the day after a snowfall.


I was interested by the delicate flower covered in ice and surrounded by snow. The scene was very ethereal, almost otherworldly.


I was interested by the ice frozen to the leaf. Nature is an amazing subject to shoot. It’s beautiful to see how the plants are affected by the different seasons.


I kept a slight blur on my camera when I took this photo. It kind of reminds of an inkblot that is used in the Rorschach test.  


I was drawn to the flower fluff on the branch because it looked like it was dancing.


I intentionally kept this shot slightly out of focus. I feel like that blur adds to the mystical/ethereal mood in this photo. The trees almost look like dancing ghosts.


I took this photo of my dog when we went on a hike.  I was interested by her pensive demeanor. It appears that something seems to have caught her attention. I wish I knew what… Continue reading