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I was drawn to the flower fluff on the branch because it looked like it was dancing.


I took this photo because the light streaking in reminded me of a spotlight on a stage. “All the world’s a stage, and all the men and women merely players” – William Shakespeare


I took this photo in Toronto. I was drawn to the slightly dark and chilling beauty of the leaves.


I took this photo in Italy. I converted this photo to black & white. I felt that it added to the mysterious/dramatic mood.

Tourists in Pisa

I took this photo at a cafe in Pisa, Italy.


I took this photo in Italy. I was interested by the silhouette of the archway. I converted the image to black & white to focus more on the lines and shapes in the… Continue reading

Sitting on the Dock

I took this photo in Venice, Italy. Photos really are a visual story. It seemed like these people had a story behind why they were sitting on the dock. It could be that they were… Continue reading

Horse & Buggy

I took this photo when I was walking around Rome, Italy.

Wine Bottles

I took this photo during a tour of a winery in Tuscany. I made some edits to the photo to make it have more of a vintage feeling.


I took this photo in Venice, Italy.