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Sun & Flower

I was intrigued by the shapes, shadows and colours of the flower.

A little bit of magic

I took this photo at High Park in Toronto.  I was interested by the way the light was shining through the flowers. The light was really special and had a bit of magic to… Continue reading

Busy Bee

I took my dog for a walk in High Park this past weekend. During our walk, I saw a bee collecting pollen and nectar from this flower. It’s kind of amazing to watch and… Continue reading

Hidden Beauty

I took this photo when I went on a hike recently. I was drawn to the amazing light hitting  the flowers. It’s amazing that we can pass by so many beautiful things and not… Continue reading



I took this photo in Cuba.


I took this photo in Cuba. The colours there are so vivid and intense.

Tropical Flower

I was drawn to this flower’s beauty. I took this shot in Cuba.



Purple Paradise

I was interested by the vibrant colour of the flowers.