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A Tuscan Flower

Photo taken at a winery in Tuscany, Italy.

Yellow Flower

I took this photo in Toronto. I was drawn to the flower’s colours and shapes.


” Freedom lies in being bold” – Robert Frost I was drawn to the bold and vibrant feeling of this flower. Making bold decisions or choices outside of your comfort zone can help you grow as a… Continue reading

Look & You Shall Find

I’ve been thinking lately that your attitude shapes your reality. If you go looking for the bad in life you will find it. If you go looking for the good in life you… Continue reading


I thought that this flower was particularly pretty.


I took this photo because I was drawn to the petals. They remind me of hands reaching up.


I took this photo last year when I was in Spain. I was drawn to the flower’s delicate, soft nature.

Delicate Flower

Flowers are beautiful, yet they also exude a delicate strength. I love taking photos of flowers because of their complexity.


Autumn Floral

I was interested by the contrast of the flower against the fallen leaves.