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I took this photo when I was in Italy. I was interested by the view through the rope.


There is something very peaceful about watching the sun setting over water.

Blurry Silhouettes

I took this photo as the sun was setting at the beach. I was interested by the delicate spider’s web and reflections in the water.

Golden Hour

I took this photo around the time the sun was setting. I was interested by the sun reflecting off of the water and by the shapes in the fence. I’ve been testing out different ISO’s… Continue reading


I thought that this flower was particularly pretty.



The wooden seat pieces of the bench reminded me of options and choices.

Shining Light

I was drawn to the light shining on the tree branches. It reminds me of a spotlight when an actor is on stage.

Dancing Leaf

I was interested by the leaf that was blowing in the wind. It reminded me a graceful dancer. I like how the leaf has blurred because it seems softer.


I was interested by the colour and texture of the splintered wood.