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Parks in the City

Toronto has so many parks around the city. It’s amazing to escape the busy city into the serenity of a park.


There is something very peaceful about watching the sun setting over water.

Dancing Light

“You must give everything to make your life as beautiful as the dreams that dance in your imagination.” –Roman Payne

Standing Tall

I was interested by the proud looking trees standing together at the side of the road.


I was pulling focus when I was taking photos last summer. In this photograph I was trying to make the background blurry with the focus on the twigs in the bottom left area. I find… Continue reading


I took this photo in Toronto around dusk.  I was interested by the reflections on the icy water. There is a cold, yet peaceful feeling when surrounded by water.

Window with a View

I took this photo when I was touring a building in Spain. I was drawn to the beautiful view. It reminds me of a painting on a dark wall.

Beauty in Gibraltar

I took this photo during my tour of Spain which included the British overseas territory of Gibraltar. In this photo, we were on our way up to see the famous monkeys.  The view was absolutely breathtaking. This… Continue reading


I took this photo because I was drawn to the cold, detached mood. It’s interesting that scenery and colour can make a place feel a certain way.


I was interested by the deserted feeling of the ice covered pond. I took this photo at dusk and made some adjustments in Photoshop to improve the tone.