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I was interested by the tree branches silhouetted by the sky.


I was taking a photo of the sun setting through some trees. The sun reminded me of a giant fireball in the sky.

Soft Yellow Flower

I took this photograph in Stockholm, Sweden.

View from Canal Bike

I took this photo in Amsterdam when I was under a bridge on a canal bike.

Boat in Amsterdam Canal

I took this photo in Amsterdam when I on a canal bike. I liked the structure and look of the boat. Canal bikes are fun, great exercise, and provide a lot of opportunities to shoot… Continue reading

Beautiful River

I took this photograph in Toronto. I find that water is very calming and peaceful.

Man Watching Fishermen

I took a photograph of a man watching the fishermen in Toronto. It was a warm day and he looked content.

Man Fishing in Humber River

I took this photograph of a man fishing in the Humber River in Toronto.

White & Yellow Tulips

     I took photographs of white and yellow tulips in Toronto.  Flowers are beautiful but possess a quiet strength. It’s amazing how something so delicate can withstand so much.

Reflections in a River

Reflections are interesting and provide a different perspective.  I took this photograph at a river in Toronto.