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Quack Quack

I love taking photos of wildlife because they’re unpredictable.  You never know how they will react or what they will do. You can get ready to take the shot but they won’t be… Continue reading

Canada Goose

I took this photograph by a river in Toronto.

Canada Goose Grazing

I took this photograph of a Canada Goose looking for food at a park in Toronto.

Seagull in Amsterdam

When I was in Amsterdam, I took this photograph of a seagull in the canal.

Birds eating bread in Stockholm

  Here are some birds that I saw eating bread in Stockholm, Sweden.

Birds in Amsterdam

   Just wanted to share a few photos that I took of a some birds while I was in Amsterdam.

Why I Want to Visit “The Land Down Under”

  I really want to experience Australia’s unique beauty.  However, first I will need to conquer my fear of all of the poisonous critters that call it home. I have compiled the list… Continue reading