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Serene Tourists

I took this photo a the tulip festival. I was interested by the tourists taking photos.

Floral Fairy Tale

I took this photograph in Holland at the Tulip Festival. It’s so pretty there that it feels like a fairy tale.

Pond of Tulips

I took this photograph at the Tulip Festival.

Serious Man

I took this photograph in Noordoostpolder when I visited the Tulip Festival. I was inspired by the man’s demeanor and by the scenery.

Layered Trees

I took this photograph in Noordoostpolder, Holland when I visited the Tulip Festival. It’s pretty and ethereal with the water, trees and tulips. I recommend visiting during the Spring season and going to… Continue reading

Tulips, a boy and a pond

   Here are a few more photos that I took during the Tulip Festival in Noordoostpolder, Holland.  

Birds in Amsterdam

   Just wanted to share a few photos that I took of a some birds while I was in Amsterdam.

Children running with tulips

While walking around the Tulip Festival, I noticed some children running through the paths. They were so happy and free. It was such a sweet, innocent and pure moment.

Sunset over a Canal

Amsterdam is a beautiful, alluring city. I fell in love with the charming canals, the old architecture and the people. On my last night, I watched the sun setting over a canal and… Continue reading

2014 Tulip Festival

  The Tulip Festival in Noordoostpolder, Holland is breathtaking. You are surrounded by so much beauty that it’s surreal and feels like a fairytale. It’s incredible to see all of the  different types… Continue reading