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Soft Tulip

I took this photo last year when I was visiting Holland. Tulips are so soft and beautiful.

Tulip Trees

I took this photo earlier this year when I was in Noordoostpolder. I took this shot when I was crouching down beside the flowers. The tulips look really tall, sort of like trees.

Floral Fairy Tale

I took this photograph in Holland at the Tulip Festival. It’s so pretty there that it feels like a fairy tale.

Pond of Tulips

I took this photograph at the Tulip Festival.

Tulips & Tourists

I took this photograph at the Tulip Festival in Noordoostpolder. I was inspired by the tourists enjoying the tulips.

White & Yellow Tulips

     I took photographs of white and yellow tulips in Toronto.  Flowers are beautiful but possess a quiet strength. It’s amazing how something so delicate can withstand so much.

Tulips, a boy and a pond

   Here are a few more photos that I took during the Tulip Festival in Noordoostpolder, Holland.  

A closer look at flowers

I took macro (close up) photographs of flowers during my trip.  It’s amazing how changing your perspective can really alter the feeling of a photograph and make it more interesting. I really enjoy… Continue reading

Children running with tulips

While walking around the Tulip Festival, I noticed some children running through the paths. They were so happy and free. It was such a sweet, innocent and pure moment.