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Dancing Duck

I took this photo because it looked like the duck was about to start dancing. I love taking photos of animals because they are so unpredictable and I’m never sure how the photo… Continue reading

Hungry Bird

I took this photo during the sunrise one morning. The little bird was eagerly looking for his breakfast. I’m not sure if the photo looks better in colour or in black & white.… Continue reading

Soft Light

Mr. Toad

I saw this little guy last Summer.  He was just hanging out and kindly let me take some photos of him before he hopped away.


I forced myself to get up super early last Friday to take photos at dawn. The light is so soft and beautiful in the morning. It really makes the shot so special. As… Continue reading

Maple Leaf

I took this photo because I was interested by the veins in the leaf. It’s so intricate and beautiful.

A closer look at flowers

I took macro (close up) photographs of flowers during my trip.  It’s amazing how changing your perspective can really alter the feeling of a photograph and make it more interesting. I really enjoy… Continue reading