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Mr. Toad

I saw this little guy last Summer.  He was just hanging out and kindly let me take some photos of him before he hopped away.

Ducks at Dawn

I took this photo at dawn and was drawn by the beautiful colours reflected in the water.  It never ceases to amaze me how beautiful nature is, especially at dusk and dawn.


I forced myself to get up super early last Friday to take photos at dawn. The light is so soft and beautiful in the morning. It really makes the shot so special. As… Continue reading


I took this photo of my friend’s dog during a hike last summer. He looks so serious and seems to be thinking, “Awww man, you guys! You said there’d be food!”

Golden Retriever

Strike a Pose

Whenever I see an animal I try to take their picture. It can be difficult because they are unpredictable and do what they please. What I really I love about cats is their attitude… Continue reading