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Strike a Pose

Whenever I see an animal I try to take their picture. It can be difficult because they are unpredictable and do what they please. What I really I love about cats is their attitude… Continue reading

On the Prowl

I took this photo in Toronto, Ontario. I like the cat’s energy. The way she is stalking forward on a mission to be pet.

Feline Ear

I took this photo as I was crouched above the cat. It was an interesting perspective and the cat seems to be pensive.

Blurry Cat

I took this photo in Toronto, Ontario. I was taking photos when this super friendly cat came running up to me. As I was petting her, I snapped off a few shots. I really… Continue reading


I met this friendly cat when I was in Spain. I was drawn to the pensive, thoughtful look on her face. I love animals and it’s amazing how human their emotions are.