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Gazing Man

I took this photograph in Stockholm, Sweden. I was inspired by the beauty of the lights and the pensive atmosphere.

Canal Boat

I took this photograph in Amsterdam.

View from Canal Bike

I took this photo in Amsterdam when I was under a bridge on a canal bike.

Boat in Amsterdam Canal

I took this photo in Amsterdam when I on a canal bike. I liked the structure and look of the boat. Canal bikes are fun, great exercise, and provide a lot of opportunities to shoot… Continue reading

Old Town Stockholm at night

View through a bike wheel

  I was interested by the view of the canal through the the wheel of a bike and took a couple of photographs. In one photo the bike is in focus and the… Continue reading

Visit Amsterdam? Yes, please!

In April, I’m going to Amsterdam. Visiting Amsterdam has been on my bucket list for a while. I’m really excited to experience its charm and see the seventeenth-century buildings, canals, bridges and monuments. I’ve seen photos… Continue reading