Visit Amsterdam? Yes, please!

Amsterdam The Netherlands

Amsterdam The Netherlands

In April, I’m going to Amsterdam. Visiting Amsterdam has been on my bucket list for a while. I’m really excited to experience its charm and see the seventeenth-century buildings, canals, bridges and monuments.

I’ve seen photos of the bridges and canals lit with small lights. It looks breathtaking and  a little bit magical.

Below is a list of the different sites I want to see while I’m there.

I’m excited to capture a little bit of Amsterdam’s magic with my photography.

3 responses to “Visit Amsterdam? Yes, please!”

  1. how exciting for you! you’ve picked some great places to see. i had the opportunity to visit Amsterdam for a few days last year, and some of the items on your to-do list were on ours as well. an incredible city, for sure.
    in case you have not heard about it, you may want to consider getting a card, such as the I amsteram card which offers you some great discounts. just a thought, but no pressure 🙂
    enjoy your trip!

    1. Thank you for sharing 🙂
      What was your favourite part of Amsterdam?

      1. hard to say just one thing. i quite enjoyed almost everything. the canal tour was unique and although it may be a bit slow-paced, it allows you some unique perspectives and views, in addition to getting some information. the narrow canal houses were fascinating, and it was fun to walk along some narrow streets and discovering the best crepe restaurant ever (Het Karbeel Restaurant) has a high rating on tripadvisor, as it turned out.
        We found it by accident and later were not able to find it again, although it allowed us to find other ones. i only found the name of it by looking at my photos later after we had left Amsterdam behind. visiting the Van Gogh Museum was well worth it. going for the visitor’s card mentioned above allowed us to bypass the line-up (queue) which was a great help since our time was somewhat limited. and bicycles everywhere. we even went for a hop-on/hop-off tour which was an inexpensive way to get around and see many things. just being there was quite an experience.
        however, traffic was a bit unnerving because street cars and bicycles are everywhere. but you get used to it.

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