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Monochrome Beauty

Nature is a beautiful subject to photograph. Its beauty is eternal and it feels like it would follow the idea of live and let live. With so much turmoil in the world, it… Continue reading

Reflections in Milan

I took this photo of a store’s mirrored sign. I was interested by the street reflections.


I took this photo when I was in Italy.


I took this photo in colour but felt that it would work better in black & white. I made some edits to this photo to make the contrast more dramatic and to place… Continue reading


I took this photo on Capri Island. I was interested by the rather tough, yet feminine looking statue.

Venetian Bridge

I took this photo in Venice, Italy.


I took this photo by chance. I was taking a photo of the plant when a man went to take a seat on a bench. It’s kind of a mysterious shot that makes you kind… Continue reading

Venice Silhouettes

I love taking photos of silhouettes, especially in black & white photography. I feel like it can make a photo more interesting because more focus is placed on the shapes and lines in the picture. When… Continue reading

Make a Wish

Taking the first steps towards making a dream a reality can be the scariest steps we take.


I took this photo at a park in Toronto. I was interested by the contrast between the graffiti on the wall set against the trees.