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Monochrome Reflections

I love the simplicity, yet the complexity of black & white photos.

Shadowy Lines

I took this photo and kept it out of focus so that the it would be a bit more abstract. I like to take photos from different perspectives to try to see ordinary… Continue reading


I was interested by the letters identifying the garbage bin. It’s amazing how something ordinary can look beautiful when you take the time to really look at it.


I took this photo in the summer last year. I felt that the image would be stronger and feel more tranquil as a black & white photo.

Dancing Shadows

I took this photo because I was interested by the shapes and shadows on the ground.


I took this photo in Toronto. I was interested by the view of the buildings through the trees.  I converted the photo to black & white to provide more focus on the shapes and… Continue reading

Easter Festival in Prague

       I was in Prague during their annual Easter Festival. There were little markets set up in wooden huts in Old Town Square and Wenceslas Square selling food, art, crafts, souvenirs and other… Continue reading

View through a bike wheel

  I was interested by the view of the canal through the the wheel of a bike and took a couple of photographs. In one photo the bike is in focus and the… Continue reading

Shadows on Brick Wall

I enjoy taking photos of shadows because they are interesting and unique.  I love the shapes and outlines that the shadows create. I saw a brick wall with a tree casting shadows on… Continue reading

View through a door

I wanted the focus of this photo to be the view through the bars on the door. I took the shot on a slight angle and converted the image to black & white.… Continue reading