Black & White Photography: Graffiti and lock

black and white photography graphitti on building in Toronto

black and white photography Graffiti on building in Toronto black and white photography lock on dumpster in Toronto

I came across a building with graffiti which caught my eye. It felt abandoned, sad and a bit lonely. I decided to take a wide angled shot to feature the property and the desolate vibe. There was a dumpster close to the property. I found the shapes interesting and chose to take a close up shot of the lock.

I took these photos using my Samsung Galaxy S3. I wanted the sad and lonely vibe to translate in the photos. I converted the images to black and white to place the focus on the shapes, shadows and tones. These elements help shape the mood, feeling and vibe of a photo.

Cameras on phones have really advanced and you can take some really good photos.

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