Black & White Photography: Fences and Shadows

black and white photography shadows from fence in Toronto Black and white photography view through a fence in Toronto

I was walking the other day when some fences caught my attention. I used the camera on my Samsung Galaxy S3 to take some photographs.

I took the photo on the left because I was fascinated by the way the shadows displayed on the sidewalk. I wanted to take the photo from angle that we don’t regularly see and make it bit more interesting. I crouched low and placed the camera close to the ground to take the shot.

I took the photo on the right because I was interested by the view through the fence. I took the shot on a slight angle to gain a slightly different perspective and make it a bit more eye catching.

I converted the images to black & white and adjusted the levels in Adobe Photoshop. I feel that the photos work better in black & white and place more focus on shapes and shadows.