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I took this photo in Italy. I was interested by the rather dapper looking man.

Street in Rome

I took this photo in Rome, Italy while waiting at a bus stop. I felt this shot would work  better in black & white. I wanted to focus more on the lines and shapes… Continue reading


I took this photograph in the city of romance Venice, Italy. It’s interesting how something as small as a hand on a back can be interpreted as a loving gesture and affection.

Man’s Best Friend

I took this photo when I was visiting the glass factory in Murano, Italy. I was drawn to the special bond between the man and his dog.

Blurred Milan

I took this photo in Milan. I intentionally kept the photo a bit blurry to add some mystery to it.

End of Day

I took this photo in Milan as the sun was starting to set.


I took this photo last year when I visited Prague. The old architecture is beautiful and is amazing to photograph.


I took this photo in Rome, Italy in a crowded tourist area. I was struck by the homeless man sleeping on bench and no one seemed to even see him at all. It… Continue reading


I took this photo at a park in Toronto. I was interested by the contrast between the graffiti on the wall set against the trees.

Puddles in the City

I love taking photos of reflections. It’s one of my favourite subjects. I took this photo around the time the sun was setting.