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Wood Strong & Beautiful

I took these photographs in Toronto. Wood is strong, durable and beautiful.

Broken Tree

Beauty is everywhere. I saw a tree that had broken limbs in Toronto and took these photographs. Broken wood is beautiful in a unconventional way.

Silhouettes, Shapes & Shadows

     I took these photographs in Toronto. I love the shapes & shadows that silhouettes create.

Canada Goose

I took this photograph by a river in Toronto.

Captivating Yellow Flower

  A yellow flower caught my attention in Toronto and I took these photographs.

Canada Goose Grazing

I took this photograph of a Canada Goose looking for food at a park in Toronto.

Secluded Red Tulip

I spotted a single red tulip through a bunch of leaves and took this photograph.

The beauty of water

      I took these photographs in Toronto. I was inspired because water is essential to life, beautiful and can be deadly.

Light, Rocks & Stones in a Creek

      I took these photographs because I was inspired way the light reflected off the water. I was also interested by the little ripples in the water.

Pink Flower

                            Spring has finally arrived in Toronto. I took a photograph of a pink flower that was beginning to bloom.… Continue reading