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Venetian Reflections

The canals in Venice are a beautiful subject to photograph.

Venetian Sunset

“There’s never one sunrise the same or one sunset the same”. -Carlos Santana

Serenity in Venice

I took this photo during my gondola ride in Venice, Italy. It’s a calming and serene way to experience the views from a different perspective/angle.

Dreamy Views

The views in Venice are beautiful.

Dreamy Venice

Charming, beautiful Venice. It’s like a dream but it’s real.


I took this photo when I was in Venice of some tourists losing themselves in the amazing views from the St Mark’s Campanile bell tower.


I took this photo of a father and son enjoying the view of Venice from the St Mark’s Campanile bell tower.

Venetian Alley

I took this photo because I was interested by the empty alley, the lines and the shadows. It’s fun to take photos of old architecture and it’s amazing that it’s been around for… Continue reading

Venice Silhouettes

I love taking photos of silhouettes, especially in black & white photography. I feel like it can make a photo more interesting because more focus is placed on the shapes and lines in the picture. When… Continue reading

Venetian Charm

I took this photo of a gondolier in Venice. It’s really charming to see them dressed up and maneuvering through the old canals.