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I was interested by the colour and texture of the splintered wood.


I took this photo because I was interested by the bee that had landed on the flower. Nature is pretty amazing.


Life is about choices. There are so many questions and options in life that it can be hard to know what the right choice is. I took this photo because the candles remind me of hope. As we make… Continue reading

Standing Tall

I was interested by the proud looking trees standing together at the side of the road.


I was pulling focus when I was taking photos last summer. In this photograph I was trying to make the background blurry with the focus on the twigs in the bottom left area. I find… Continue reading


I was interested by the veins in the leaf. I reduced the saturation in this photo because I wanted it to be a bit murky.

Confusing Beauty

I converted this photo into b&w to focus more on the shapes and outlines. I also flipped it so that the perspective was a bit different.


Mailboxes always seem to be waiting for someone or something. I think their main skill is patience.

Window with a View

I took this photo when I was touring a building in Spain. I was drawn to the beautiful view. It reminds me of a painting on a dark wall.


I took this photo because I was drawn to the cold, detached mood. It’s interesting that scenery and colour can make a place feel a certain way.