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Sun & Flower

I was intrigued by the shapes, shadows and colours of the flower.


I was walking around Grenadier Pond in High Park near the end of the day.  I try to take photos near dawn or dusk because the light at those times is better and softer.  I… Continue reading


I was intrigued by the petal-less flower. It’s interesting to see that even without its petals, the flower is still quite lovely to look at.

Tranquil Sunset

I took this photo  at High Park near dusk in September. I really love that sense of peacefulness  that is found in nature.

Busy Bee

I took my dog for a walk in High Park this past weekend. During our walk, I saw a bee collecting pollen and nectar from this flower. It’s kind of amazing to watch and… Continue reading

Golden View

“There’s never one sunrise the same or one sunset the same.” – Carlos Santana  


I took this photo on one of the trails in the Spencer Gorge Conservation Area.

The Beauty in Nature

I took my dog for a hike on Christmas Day. I captured this shot as we were walking through the park. I think dog’s have the right idea. Always take time to stop and… Continue reading

Tuscan Tree

I took this photo when I was walking around a winery in Tuscany. The branches set against the background caught my eye.