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Ethereal Flowers

I took this photo in Italy. I converted the image to black & white because I felt like it would make the shot stronger.  I believe in monochrome that the flowers look  delicate but strong.

Busy Bee

I was interested by the bee that had just landed on the flower.

A Flower in Tuscany

I took this photo when I visited a winery in the Tuscany Region. I was interested by the vivid flower set against the stunning background.

Serene Sunset

I was interested by the silhouette of the flowers. They look like they are watching the sunset.


I converted this photo to black & white.  I wanted the focus in the photo to be on the shapes and lines.


I took this photo because I was interested by the icy snow that was dangling from a tree branch.  I took this photo after a snowstorm in February.

Sunset’s Glow

I took this photo at sunset. The light hitting the plant was golden and created an ethereal vibe.  


I kept a slight blur on when I took this photo and I also converted the photo into black & white. I feel like it adds a bit a mystery to this shot.


The way the light was hitting the branches was quite pure magic.


I was drawn to the eerie mood.