Travel Bucket List – Islands

view from horse aran islands

view from horse Happy Donkey
The world is beautiful and diverse. My goal is to visit as many places as I can take photos along the way.

MSN recently published The 12 most scenic islands in the world  and I definitely want to see all of these islands.

Number 9 on the list is the Aran Islands.   The Contiki Tour  I took in September included a visit to the Aran Islands. It’s an amazing, beautiful place. It feels like you are in a completely different world and I can’t wait to revisit in the future.

There are many options to get around the island but I would recommend renting a bike . This lets you control the pace and you can stop and take photos along the way. I felt that one day wasn’t enough to see the entire island.

The next time I visit, I will spend a couple of days there.

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