In Toronto? Check out the Canadian Broadcasting Centre (CBC Building)

Toronto CBC Building Glenn Gould sitting on a bench      Toronto CBC Building Glenn Gould sitting on a bench

The CBC building in Toronto is a great place to visit.  It’s open to the public and free to tour.

There is a little museum inside located on the first floor.  The museum features the history of Canadian Television including the following displays:

  • Growing Up with CBC:  features props, photos, puppets and video clips from  Mr. Dressup and Sesame Park
  • CBC Radio Sound Effects: features old microphones and other and sound equipment used by CBC over the years

You can also reserve tickets to be part of a live studio audience for George Stroumboulopoulos Tonight, Steven and Chris, The Rick Mercer Report, In the Kitchen with Stefano Faita and The Ron James Show.

The CBC named a studio after Glenn Gould, a famous Canadian pianist. The studio is located in the CBC building. There is also a statue located outside of the building where you can take a “selfie” with Glenn Gould.

I recommend checking out this site if you are ever in Toronto.