The Legend of Giant’s Causeway

reland Giants Causeway

Giants Causeway Ireland  The Giant’s Causeway County Antrim Giant's Causeway Ireland  Ireland County Antrim Giant's Causeway

I was lucky to have had the opportunity to visit the Giant’s Causeway when I was in Ireland. Let me tell you, it’s breathtaking!

The Irish are amazing storytellers and I’m fascinated by legends, folklore and myths.  When you visit you can listen to the story of how the Giant’s Causeway came to be.

Legend has it that there was a Giant named Finn McCool. Now, Finn McCool also had a rival, Scottish Giant Benandonner.

In order to fight for supremacy, Finn McCool built a causeway to Scotland and challenged Benandonner to walk across.  Although, Benandonner was not quite what Finn McCool imagined. When Benandonner began to appear over the horizon, Finn McCool realized his opponent was much, much larger than himself.  Finn McCool decided to run back home to his wife Oonagh to help him hide.

Oonagh disguised Finn McCool as a baby and he curled in a cradle. Benandonner took one look at Finn McCool’s son and thought about the size of Finn McCool.  Benandonner chose to flee back to Scotland and he tore up the causeway to prevent a battle.

Giant’s Cause is actually the result of volcanic activity that happened millions of years ago.  The site is huge and there is a lot to see and do. I recommend spending at least four hours there. Venture down to the site and take a walk on the stones. You can also take a walk across the trails on the cliffs and see Giant’s Causeway from a truly unique perspective.

There’s also an exhibit in the visitor centre where you can learn more about the legend of Finn McCool.

The Giant’s Causeway is such a special place and I highly recommend visiting if you are ever in Ireland.

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