The Magic of Blarney Castle

Ireland Blarney Castle

Ireland Blarney Castle Blarney Castle IrelandIreland Blarney Castle Poison Garden Ireland Blarney Castle Poison GardenWitches Stone Blarney Castle Ireland Ireland Faery Glade Blarney Castle

The Blarney Castle is a really great place to visit when you are in Ireland.

Located at the top of the castle is the Blarney Stone. The story goes that if you kiss the stone you will receive the gift of the gab. This is a such a fun tradition and I think that it should definitely be added to a bucket list.

The Blarney Castle has a poison garden. It’s really interesting to walk through the garden and see plants that are highly toxic and dangerous. It’s a bit strange to learn that many of the these plants were once used as herbal remedies.

The Blarney Castle seems like such a magical place and feels a little otherworldly.  As you walk through the grounds you can lose yourself in the magic and Irish charm. There are  special, unique areas like the Faery Glade, Witch Stone and the Wishing Steps. Each area has a little message written about it.

I love Blarney Castle, it’s a special, magical place. A definite must see when you are in Ireland.

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