Creating Memories with Travel & Photography

Ireland dublin motorcycle

Creating Memories with Travel & Photography Palm Tree at the Titantic Last Port in Ireland Creating Memories with Travel & Photography Motorcycle in Dublin Ireland

Travelling is such a great opportunity to create memories and photography helps preserve those memories.

Travelling and photography are such personal, special experiences. We all want to experience different things, whether it’s enjoying a beach vacation in Cuba, island hopping in Greece, hiking up Mount Everest or hang gliding in Rio de Janeiro. We can take a snapshot of that specific moment and create a record of our experiences.

Life passes by so quickly that we often forget some of the great things we have seen and experienced.  It’s great to have a record of our travels and life events. Photography is an incredibly special way to revisit a memory.

I strongly encourage you all to travel. Photograph your experiences and preserve memories that are meaningful to you.

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