Take me to Spain!

Travel maps - Spain

Travel: Spanish Spree Contiki Tour

This year I’m going to be travelling a lot.

At the end of May, I’m taking the Spanish Spree Contiki Tour. I find Spain’s culture  fascinating and so different from Canada.  I’m really drawn to the monuments, sculptures, art and architecture.

The tour includes visits to the following cities:

  • Madrid
  • Bilbao
  • Pamplona
  • Barcelona
  • Ibiza
  • Granada
  • Seville
  • Cordoba

While I’m excited to see all of the cities, I’m really looking forward to seeing Ibiza.  I read that Ibiza’s marine/sea life is included on the UNESCO World Heritage list and it looks amazing.  Ibiza offers many water sports activities.  I’m pretty excited to try snorkeling and maybe water skiing.

Spain’s beauty and culture inspires the photographer in me. I’m glad that I have the opportunity to experience it in person.

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